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The Art Department // Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK // Forthcoming (August 30, 2024 - November 16, 2024)

A large-scale public exhibition organized by Outspoken Arts Ltd., this exhibition will showcase three video with sound works by Goswami, with one made alongside a few of her collaborators on a TV with headphones. 

Pennant Place // Gainesville, FL // Forthcoming, Fall 2024

This exhibition will showcase Video Art (in any form) that deals with thriving, prosperous, abundant, joyful, and resilient presents and futures. Curated by Flounder Lee, Goswami along with collaborators Cody Igo, Maria Fern, Alexander Kirkpatrick, and Alex Mendoza are invited to show their video + AI animation work, Interlinked, at the outdoor gallery for hangable art. 

Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention // Gainesville, FL // April 18, 2024 - May 5, 2024

Presented by The Water State, a division of Play Hard Florida, showcases original creative works by North Central Florida artists that explore how Florida is “Shaped by Water,” literally and figuratively, on canvas, photo, sculpture, and screen. Dance of the Water Bytes is the sole video/sound work featured in this group exhibition curated by Rebecca Welch.

Moisturizer Gallery // Gainesville, FL // April 29, 2023 - June 17, 2023

Traditional media and new media works evoking "goblin mode" were displayed in this contemporary art gallery. 3D composite image Hyde & Hyde was one of the featured works in this group exhibition curated by Dessarae Bassil.

Alys Beach // Panama City Beach, FL // May 19, 2023 - May 20, 2023

First-time participant as a Finalist in the internationally acclaimed festival at Alys Beach. Featured the AI animation with sound, Is this what I think it is? Projection festival curated by John Colette. Check out my interview from the first night of the festival here.

Garry R. Libby Focus Gallery // Gainesville, FL // May 4, 2023 - May 6, 2023

Group Senior Thesis Exhibition with fellow Art + Technology BFAs Alex Mendoza, Macy Lamers, and Alex Kirkpatrick. We all came down to the notion that we like to world-build through our works. Whether it be speculative and self-reflective as Goswami's, environmental and immersive as Mendoza's, emotive and autobiographical as Lamers's, and surreal and gut-wrenching as Kirkpatrick's, we are creating works that help one relate to what exists in this world. Exhibition curated by Goswami, Mendoza, Lamers, and Kirkpatrick.

4MOST Gallery // Gainesville, FL // February 24, 2023

Digital Arts Media Network's 4th annual undergraduate exhibition. New media and traditional works analyzing or considering the theme of "@" by 17 undergraduate students were displayed. Pop-up show curated by Komal Goswami. More pictures here.

Grinter Hall // University of Florida // February 2, 2023 - March 17, 2023

LAiZY ((Experiments in ARTificial Intelligence)) is a group of new media works created by Dr. Jack Stenner’s Fall 2022 Digital Media Workshop class. Utilizing the AI text-to-image program Stable Diffusion, 11 artists crafted works that resonate with their personal artistic practices. As a result, mediums of 3D compositing, animation, photography, programming, and videography are in a marriage with AI. Although AI art is fast and instantaneous, the approaches taken by the collective allow for the notions of time, nature, and being human to linger. Exhibition curated by Komal Goswami.

Fine Arts C Room 302 // University of Florida // December 3, 2022

UF School of Art + Art History's Art + Technology studio, also known as the Professional Production Studio for Experimental Artistic Practice was open to the public for a one-night exhibition. Works made by the senior and junior cohorts of the BFA Art + Technology program were displayed in all the rooms found within the FAC 302 area. Exhibition curated by Komal Goswami and Alex Mendoza.

621 Gallery // Tallahassee, FL // September 1, 2022 - September 29, 2022

This binannual exhibition featured Hyde and HydeDEEROID (Why Do You Still Hide, Saraswati?), a linocut print known as epheCAMERA in a month-long group exhibition about the intersection of art and technology. Exhibition curated by April Cluess. More pictures here.

4MOST Gallery // Gainesville, FL // February 11, 2022

The Digital Arts Media Network's 3rd annual undergraduate exhibition featured Goswami's soundscape, i don't know what to think. Curated by Grace Schwarz, the works in this exhibition analyzed or considered the theme of "collision." More pictures here.

WARPhaus // Gainesville, FL // December 6, 2019

Featured the conceptual and ironic interactive installation flowerpUFf party for a group exhibition with works by the Fall 2019 Workshop in Artistic Research and Practice students. Gallery goers were permitted to take gardening supplies for seed bombs of FL-native flowers. Exhibition curated by Moe Beitiks.

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