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Komal Goswami

"KOH-mul GOH-SWAH-mee" // she/her


KOMAL GOSWAMI (b. 2001, Gainesville, FL) is a new media artist who specializes in 3D/CG generation, AI art practices, digital imaging, programming, sound, and video and is also developing an ongoing experimental filmmaking and animation practice.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in Art + Technology and a minor in Theatre from the University of Florida (UF). She has exhibited her work at the Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention, Moisturizer Gallery, 621 Gallery, among others. She was also a Finalist at the internationally acclaimed 16th Annual Digital Graffiti. Through her time as the President of UF's Digital Arts Media Network, Goswami curated and exhibited new media works in group exhibitions such as World Builders, Inc. at the Gary R. Libby Focus Gallery, LAiZY ((Experiments in ARTificial Intelligence)) at Grinter Hall, 2G00DHOTD@MN.V4 at 4MOST Gallery, and FAC 302: Fall 2022 at Fine Arts C 302. Goswami was a Nominee for the 34th Annual University Student Exhibition at the Atlantic Center for the Arts and a Recipient of the E. Robert Langley Scholarship Fund as well.

Along with being intrigued by the emerging practices of conceptual notions and installation practices for new media art, the notion of "living ON the hyphen" as well as theatricality and performance continue to be questioned through Goswami's current artistic research. She continues to build her 3D character-based world known as The Hyphenverse, explore more AI art and creative coding practices, and make more video art and sound art. 


Being accustomed to Western and Indian media and culture and becoming more used to using a computer or device for anything, the notions of theatricality, performance, and the notion of “living ON a hyphen” establish Goswami's conceptions. Her work is often fueled with speculative narratives, where the notions of the "real world" are contemplated in the “reel world," of which the latter is established through methods of self-insertion, notions of time, culture, emotion, abstraction, symbolism, and distinctions between the digital and physical worlds. This approach to her work allows her to illuminate what may often be overlooked in the "real world," especially aspects of human expression and the experience of emotion as the world becomes more digitally assimilated.

Mainly through 3D, AI, image, animation, and video-based works, Goswami often factors the notions of performance through "the actor" when they are put through a set of circumstances in a speculative world. The ability to be wholly vulnerable to a generalized audience is seen through the experimental cinema, An Imminent Disquietude. She questions how to disrupt the sense of self through the soundscape Purgatory, the 3D composite image Clowning Around, and the 3D/AI/experimental cinema Brain Melt. Since the 3D composite image DEEROID, Goswami has further integrated the use of AI programs such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney for her video works to question how the sense of self and identity can be either authenticated or artificialized through the more digitally assimilated world she continues to become accustomed to.

Research Interests

Primary Interests: internet art; video art; speculative art; surrealist art; metaphorical art; scientific notions; AI; AI art; South Asian diaspora; performance vs. performativity; digital aesthetics; self-portraiture; world-building; speculation; humor; multiplicity
More: projection mapping; the cinematic; music theory; music composition; audiovisual; improv; theatre

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